About Us & History

GIORGOS HATZOPOULOS is a technical company founded in 1992 and specializes in the technical support of electromechanical installations of technical projects, industrial and commercial enterprises.

The company

GIORGOS HATZOPOULOS is a well-staffed company in the North Helladic area, holding a significant position in the market with a wide clientele of over 1,000 companies of all types and objects.

Providing total quality service to the customer is the focus of the services. The specialized and excellent technical knowledge, the quality of the services provided and the deep knowledge and application of Greek and International Legislation are the main components that ensure the achievement of ambitious goals and successful projects. The accumulated experience, the wide variety of projects in various sectors and the vertical integration of services offered by the company have made it a suitable and reliable partner.


The company with professional ethics, confidentiality, consistency and responsibility undertakes:

  • the implementation of technical projects at all levels.
  • It provides full support during the construction stage of the project and its subsequent operation.
  • He acts as a permanent consultant in all technical matters concerning the modern business.
  • It supports its clientele by building long-term relationships of cooperation and trust.
  • He has a global view on all technical issues due to his involvement with multiple subjects.
  • It invests in its human resources which collaborates with renowned engineers of all specialties, which is also the core of its success.
  • It trains its partners and follows technological developments at all levels in order to constantly improve the quality of services and the final result.
  • Through its excellent organizational structure, it aims to optimally serve its clientele, which is a key asset for the company.
  • It provides reliable and secure solutions to investors by supporting them at all levels.
  • In recent years it has become more active in the field of waste and recyclable waste (with work shown below)